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Planckstraat 21, 3316 GS Dordrecht
We stand for quality
We stand for quality

We stand for quality


Innovation? That word is music to our ears.

In our own Research & Development Lab, we constantly study how we can improve our products in terms of both durability and quality.

By testing different raw materials, we do more than just creating better products.

Major steps have been made in terms of replacing environmentally harmful substances.

The result? High-performance industrial coatings, that will resist any kind of weather and optimally protect your objects or products!

Curious about how we achieve this? We are happy to show you how we do it.



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At Kroonint Protective Coatings everything is in-house, including a full production facility.



Kroonint has developed comprehensive coating systems for different needs according to the application area, environments, substrates, stress circumstances and needed tolerance.


At Kroonint Protective Coatings, everything is in-house. The production of the coatings fully takes place with us in Dordrecht.

Guaranteeing the high coating quality is a common thread in the production process at Kroonint Protective Coating. All actions are monitored meticulously as well as continuously.

This monitoring starts as early as with the supply of the necessary raw materials.
During the production process and at our QC-lab, the products are tested extensively for recognisable properties, such as grinding fineness, curing, adhesion, discolouration, wear resistance and gloss level.
Of any quantity of paint produced, a ‘sample’ will be kept. This will make the origin, quality and colour of the coating fully traceable.

This way, we can properly manage every step of the process and guarantee the quality that you are looking for.
Our quality assurance system is not limited to just production and delivery. We also support you with the inventorying preparations and even with the processing of the coating. This helps us provide the best solutions to your challenges.

Our strength lies in the development, production and application of high-performance industrial coatings. We predominantly focus on steel conservation, corrosion resistance and long-term protection, ensuring that we produce high-quality and cost price-efficient coatings for many industrial applications.


Kroonint Protective Coating holds multiple certifications, which indicates our work method. View them below!


Our focus is mainly in the area of emission reduction, eco-friendly products and efficiency. We make sure that the VOC content (Volatile Organic Compounds) is kept to a minimum.

Although solvents are always required in the production of paint and for setting processing viscosity, this should not be at the expense of the environment. Developments in of the field of our high-solid and water-based coatings play an important role here.
The solvents — which are added during the manufacture of our paint or coatings — are liquid and volatile, organic products. In our paint industry, solvents are nearly exclusively used as a mixture. Solvents (except for water) are also referred to as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

These substances are related to a number of different environmental problems, including climate change, smog and acidification. Additionally, some of these substances are known to possibly have a harmful effect on human health.
In many publications, the term volatile organic compounds is abbreviated to VOC.

We also consider it important to reduce transport to a minimum, by taking a long hard look at logistics. During the purchase of new equipment, like our new ventilation system, energy-efficient and quieter motors were chosen. In addition, air savers were installed in our compressor system, so it will not activate unnecessarily during nights and weekends.


We find it important that all processes run safely. In fact, we consider this a top priority! Certified EFAW – Emergency First Aid at Work and First Responders – are available, and everyone is instructed during our own toolbox meeting.
A toolbox meeting is a consultation or brief meeting that is held regularly by supervisors, together with staff, to emphasize the importance of safety, efficiency and collaboration in the workplace, in an informal setting, as well as to prevent unsafe actions.

We are in close contact with the environmental agency and frequently organize an inspection round. By means of the inspection and maintenance program (I&O) we ensure the soil-protecting facilities, piping and equipment at the industrial estate of Kroonint Protective Coating.
Any visits to our facility are be taken extremely seriously to guarantee your safety at all times. For instance, protective clothing, safety shoes, and safety goggles are compulsory as standard on our premises.